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Best Tantric Retreats For Couples in 2021

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Attending a tantric retreat is a great way to reconnect with your partner. With a focus on emotional connection, spirituality and self-expression, a tantric retreat can be just what you need to bring you closer together than ever before. If you are experiencing blocks in intimacy or you want to take your relationship to transcendental levels, a tantric retreat could be for you. These retreats draw upon the ancient art of tantra, cultivating balance and connection to achieve enlightenment, emotionally, sexally and spiritually. We’ve researched the best tantric retreats for couples happening this year – explore and enjoy. Jem Ayres Courtesy Of Sex Education Wiki Self-confessed sex geek, Jem Ayres is a Tantra teacher, sexological bodyworkers and orgasmic embodiment coach. With over 10 years of experience in self-development through the body, she’s well placed to help you flourish in your relationship. Her 3-day Deepening Intimacy Couples Retreat will help you and your partner set intentions for how you want your relationship to thrive and grow over the coming year. Expect exercises and experiences that help you build a connection with your partner that transcends words, unblocks intimacy issues and allows a more expansive place to meet each other. The retreat takes place 11 – 13 June 2021, at the Earth Spirit Centre in Glastonbury, UK and can be booked here. Kalindi Jordan Courtesy Of Sex Education Wiki Kalindi Jordan has been an alchemist of touch since 1993. Trained in a variety...

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