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Non-Ejaculatory Orgasm: What Is It, The Benefits And How To Achieve It

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Known to some as the practice of “dry ejaculation” or “semen retention,” a non-ejaculatory orgasm is – more or less – exactly what it sounds like: an orgasm in which the man does not release any semen. Many have come across this concept when reading about things like tantric techniques for lovemaking. What began as a centuries-old practice to generate energy by abstaining from ejaculation has slowly evolved into a healthy habit that purportedly improves fertility, sexual pleasure, mental cognition, confidence, self-esteem, and your overall wellness. Those well-versed in the practice of semen retention will be the first to tell you how the methodology behind the dry orgasm can actually be learned relatively quickly. By practising a series of stretches and exercising patience, you can learn how to have a non-ejaculatory orgasm, and perhaps even multiple orgasms. So let’s look into this topic a little further and see what we can uncover. What is a non-ejaculatory orgasm? With some of the first mentions of the non-ejaculatory orgasm appearing during the 4th century CE, semen retention has been practised extensively for literally thousands of years. Some believe the act increases fertility and sexual pleasure in men, while others view it as a means to spiritual enlightenment. Originating in India, Tibet, and China, the practice of prolonged non-ejaculatory orgasm was believed to help men retain energy while promoting alertness. Orgasm and ejaculation come down to the strength of a few essential muscles and glands. Non-ejaculatory orgasms exercise the pelvic floor. Practitioners of...

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